Zip Line Course

Fly through the trees on our 6 zip line course, featuring the Apache High Flyer, Arizona’s longest and fastest zip line! The course starts off easy with a short 30 foot zip line and quickly ramps up in length and speed as you work your way down Sunrise Mountain on this thrilling zip line course.

Apache High Flyer

The longest and fastest zip line in Arizona! The Apache High Flyer is two tandem zip lines that fly across the base area of Sunrise Mountain. Ride side-by-side with a friend or family member as you reach speeds over 50 mph on these 2300′ zip lines.

The Apache High Flyer is available on its own or is included as the last stop in the zip line course.

feet of zip lines
different zip lines
max speed (mph)

Spirit Trail Adventure Tour

The Spirit Trail Adventure Tour is a full zip line course takes riders through a scenic and thrilling tour down the slopes of Sunrise Mountain with about a mile of zip lines. Soar through the trees, starting at about 10,000 feet above sea level. The course includes:

  • Zip Line 1: 30′
  • Zip Line 2: 320′
  • Suspension Bridge: 60′
  • Zip Line 3: 870′
  • Zip Line 4: 420′
  • Zip Line 5: 1300′
  • Apache High Flyer (tandem lines): 2300′
Zip Line 3