Downhill Mountain Biking

Ride down one of the state’s tallest mountains at Arizona’s only lift-served downhill mountain biking trails! Experience the thrill of downhill mountain biking at almost 11,000 ft. with cool air and amazing scenery on your way down.

Arizona’s Only Lift-Served Mountain Biking

Downhill Mountain Biking

Experience the thrill of downhill mountain biking unlike anything you have experienced in Arizona. Sunrise Park Resort offers the only lift-served downhill mountain biking in Arizona with several trails that all start at the top of Sunrise Mountain and bring riders down through some of the most beautiful forest in the state. Bring your own bike and gear or rent one of several models of high-end Kona bikes.

Bike Trails
Max. Elevation

Mountain Bike Rentals

Kona Park – $104

Our high-end model with front and rear suspension, a light-weight and durable frame, and strong Avid Code R breaks all of which deliver a fantastic ride with predictable handling and spot-on maneuverability.

Kona Entourage – $93

Also offering front and rear suspension, this bike has slightly less travel and a smaller overall frame than the Park model, but still offers a great ride. With the slightly smaller frame, expect quicker turns and greater overall maneuverability.

Kona Shred – $65

The Shred offers a stiffer frame with a more basic ride than the Entourage and Park models, with just front suspension and a tough, rigid, and lightweight aluminum frame.

All listed prices reflect daily rental rates. Bike insurance is available for all models for $100 per bike, per day.

Lift-Served Downhill Mountain Biking

Bike Trails

Easy Out
Lower Fungus *NEW
Pinedale *NEW
Shush (Bear) *NEW
Ba’cho – (Wolf)
◆ Chutes and Ladders
◆ Pile
◆ Project
◆◆ Collar Bone
◆◆ Slippery Rocks
◆◆ Sticks and Stones
◆◆ Technical
◆◆ Yard Sale

Equipment Rentals
Helmet Rental $10
5-Point Helmet $25
Knee Pads $17
Knee and Elbow pads $27